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I connect brands to their consumers through great design and meaningful messaging. I am a founding partner at 805 Creative, a full-service agency dedicated to empowering businesses and organizations with compelling presentations of their unique stories, ideas, products and services in engaging ways that drive bottom-line results. Our team’s expertise includes brand strategy, identity and messaging development, UX improvement, in-store and digital promotion management, web and e-commerce development, print design and production, video production and more.


Day to day, my team and I work alongside some great people who understand that it’s sometimes difficult to craft and execute strategic marketing objectives while also trying to focus on actually running a business.


I live in Cincinnati, OH with my best friend and partner in crime, Kristyn. We’re just one pair of the many Miami University alumni who marry one another. Did you know that 14% of alumni are Miami Mergers? (The highest among all universities!)

Miami University iPhone Background

Miami University Logo

Looking for a Miami University iPhone background? One lazy evening I put together a few slick wallpapers that can be used on iPhones, iPod Touches, Androids or any other device. Enjoy!

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